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To submit your membership application, fill out this form:

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The following documents should be e-mailed to:

Membership will be effective following receipt of these documents and approval of the membership application. The decision on your membership application will be communicated once agreed with current Alliance for Health members.


  1. Document proving legal constitution, either in Mozambique or country of origin. Organizations which are not legally constituted are not prohibited from participating provided they can provide the documents indicated below.
  2. Digital copy of the Articles of Association/Statutes.
  3. Annual Activity Reports for the last two (2) years.
  4. Alliance for Health Statement of Principles signed by the organisation’s legal representatives (request this by e-mail from:
  5. Letter of presentation about the organisation and its work (digital copy accepted), indicating the organisation’s intention to participate in the Alliance for Health.

Individual applications:

  1. Identity document (ID card, passport, other document).
  2. Letter of introduction, including reasons for wanting to be a member of the Alliance for Health.
  3. Alliance for Health Statement of Principles signed by the candidate (request this by e-mail: